Perth to Toulouse

After a strenuous 31 hours of travel, I am finally in France! Leaving in the evening from Perth, I rushed to refuel my rental car before dropping it off and catching my first flight. I was happily surprised to find that this trip was using a brand new A380, with a particularly modern and excellent interior. The infotainment was very high quality, with a fully capacitive screen the size of my laptop and an additional touch screen remote. The meals served were satisfying, enjoyed with an average red wine.

I transited over in Dubai for a couple of hours before catching the next flight to Heathrow. Of course, this flight was served by A380, Dubai to London being Emirates’ most important flight route (as evidenced by the flight number, EK001). Unfortunately, small delays and far too short a layover time meant that I missed my connecting flight to Toulouse. Thankfully, I was booked onto the following flight free of charge, the only downside being a 5 hour wait in Heathrow. To my surprise, Wifi connection was very good in the airport, which helped pass the time. I finally arrived in Toulouse around 11pm, suffering from jetlag and complete exhaustion.

Below are the few photos I was able to take during the trip. I have also included a handful of additional photos from my time in Perth. These were mostly taken with my phone (Huawei P8 lite) or were taken with a camera but not included in previous posts. Keep an eye out on Social media for some timelapse videos from the trip and other content coming soon!

© Photos by John-David Chaker. All Rights Reserved.

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