Scarborough Beach, Perth, W.A.

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Timelapse Drive: King’s Park

A Timelapse of driving through King's Park in Perth

Timelapse Drive: Kelmscott to Fremantle.

A timelapse driving from Kelmscott to Fremantle.

Timelapse Drive: UWA to Perth

A timelapse of driving between the University of WA and Perth along the Swan River.

Perth to Toulouse

After a strenuous 31 hours of travel, I am finally in France! Leaving in the evening from Perth, I rushed to refuel my rental car before dropping it off and catching my first flight. I was happily surprised to find that this trip was using a brand new A380, with a particularly modern and excellent... Continue Reading →

Perth: Kings Park and the Art Gallery of W.A.

Photos from Perth's Kings Park and the Art Gallery of WA.

Perth: from Kelmscott to the University of Western Australia

photos of Kelmscott and Perth

Christchurch to Perth

The first leg of my journey is successfully complete. Leaving at 7am on Monday, I first flew to Sydney. While waiting in the airport, I discovered a hidden gem: Quantas' heritage museum inside the terminal. With beautiful panoramic views of the runways, interesting pictures, history and various airplane engines and parts, this was a perfect... Continue Reading →

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