What’s the best thing to do after a very late night of 1950’s-themed partying? The most obvious answer, it would seem, is to get up at 5am the same morning for an hour-long hike up the hills. We therefore chose this logical option, taking a four hour power-nap before pilling back in the car and heading to the port hills. We were greeted with a pristine night sky and surprisingly warm weather. As we began to walk, the night softly blushed into a beautiful dawn. The rosy sky blended with the pastel blues and greys of the southern alps, while Christchurch twinkled merrily below us. I was lucky to just catch the sunrise as I reached to top of the mountain, watching in wonder as the first morning rays slowly descended over the snowy alps to the Canterbury plains. Our lookout spanned the plains and Lyttelton Harbour , with its calm waters and shapely hills.

We enjoyed the rest of the sunrise as the world melted back into its ordinary colours, before heading back down for a well deserved fast-food breakfast. I can think of few better ways to farewell our friend who is leaving for Wellington. I hope she’ll take these memories and views with her as a subtle reminder to come back soon!

©John-David Chaker 2016,  All Rights Reserved.