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A380 takeoff from Christchurch Airport

Photos of the second a380 to takeoff from Christchurch International Airport


Christchurch Lean Means Festival

Photos from the Lean Means Festival in Christchurch

An Evening in Christchurch Central

The combination of longer days, soothing warm weather and a beautiful sunset was the perfect recipe for a Tuesday evening in town with friends. After a brief conversation over social media, I headed over to pick up a couple of... Continue Reading →

Cathsoc Road Trip to Timaru

A summary of the 2016 Combined Cathsoc Meetup in Timaru.

An Early Sunday Sunrise.

What's the best thing to do after a very late night of 1950's-themed partying? The most obvious answer, it would seem, is to get up at 5am the same morning for an hour-long hike up the hills. We therefore chose... Continue Reading →

Sunset over Christchurch


New Year Road Trip Adventure!

Happy New Year to you all! Here is a brief summary of my road trip to Wellington and the top of the South Island over the New Year's festival period. On a warm Christmas day, my friend and I decided... Continue Reading →

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