Mount Grey Hike

A pleasant hike up Mount Grey, North Canterbury.

Summer Haze

A collection of photos from atop the Port Hills, Canterbury.

An Early Sunday Sunrise.

What's the best thing to do after a very late night of 1950's-themed partying? The most obvious answer, it would seem, is to get up at 5am the same morning for an hour-long hike up the hills. We therefore chose this logical option, taking a four hour power-nap before pilling back in the car and... Continue Reading →

A Foretaste Of Warmer Days

© 2016 John-David Chaker, All rights reserved.

A Colourful Evening in Christchurch

On Thursday evening, I headed into town to check out some public events taking place. I picked up a friend, then we headed into Hagley Park, in the centre of the city. The council was hosting a night light show called Botanic D'Light's, where the gardens were lit up with colourful projectors, light artwork and... Continue Reading →

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