Poetry Review: Be-Attitude – A Collection of Bilingual Poems

A review of "Be-Attitude - A Collection of Bilingual Poems" by Wilfrid Chaker. Now available on Amazon Kindle Store.


Timelapse Drive: King’s Park

A Timelapse of driving through King's Park in Perth

Spectacular scenes in an evening sky.

Beautiful cloud formations and aerial military exercises over Fonsorbes, France.

Perth: Kings Park and the Art Gallery of W.A.

Photos from Perth's Kings Park and the Art Gallery of WA.

Perth: from Kelmscott to the University of Western Australia

photos of Kelmscott and Perth

Styx to the Sun

© Photos by John-David Chaker. All Rights Reserved.

End-of-Semester Star Gazing Trip

Some sunset and night-time photos over banks peninsula

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