Poetry Review: Be-Attitude – A Collection of Bilingual Poems

Be-Attitude is a collection of 10 poems written in both English and French by Wilfrid Chaker. Published as an eBook, the poems in this work offer a series of short but poignant and profoundly christian messages calling the reader to a renewed ardour in their faith, in an eloquent poetic form. Thanks to the translation into both languages, Be-Attitude will appeal to readers with a love of languages, especially for those studying French or English. To read an extract of this collection, click here.

Be-Attitude can be ordered on Amazon as a Kindle eBook by clicking the links below:

Alternatively, it can be found on Amazon in other countries by either:

  • Typing the Title “Be-Attitude!: A Collection of Bilingual Poems” or
  • Typing the Author Name “Wilfrid Chaker” in the search bar (select the book with the same cover picture as shown below).

I am proud to have been involved in the development of this book. This was a precious opportunity which gave me an insight into the publishing process for eBooks, as well as many moments of joy with my father, as we wrestled with uncooperative rhymes and the many other challenges of translating poetry!

The Alpine Wanderer.


Cover Art of Be-Attitude (designed by me). Now available on Amazon Kindle Store.

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