Brisbane (Part 1).

As soon as winter started to crawl back over Wellington, I made my mind up to plan a sun-chasing excursion. Accordingly, over the Queen’s Birthday long weekend (the first Monday of June in New Zealand), my flatmate and I caught a plane over to sunny Queensland. Except for a very rough flight out of Wellington, the trip was uneventful and we arrived in Brisbane in good spirits. This was to be a relaxed trip, with no major activities planned: a perfect opportunity to wander around a new and unfamiliar city.

We first headed to South bank, on the (no surprises) south side of the Brisbane river. It’s a fantastic spot, with a water park, an inner-city beach (which was sadly closed), lush greenery and a farmer’s market. A broad-walk follows the river, punctuated by regular ferry terminals. We duly jumped onto the free CityHopper ferry and made our way around a bend in the river, past some swanky hotels and victorian houses perched along the Kangaroo point cliffs, and back into town.

Next, we stopped at St Stephen’s Cathedral for Mass, then spent some time in the Queen Street mall before calling it a day.


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