Paris in Summer

So, I haven't been posting for quite a while... almost a year actually! Well that's because I've made a small move. You guessed it, I've moved to Paris! I'm also quite far behind with managing my photo backlog. So you can expect a few shots from France and beyond... Here is batch number one.

Aoraki Mt Cook

Assorted photos of might Aoraki-Mount Cook, the tallest mountain in New Zealand (3724 m), including from Sealy Tarn. ©2021, The Alpine Wanderer. All Rights Reserved.

Lavender and Lake

Photos of New Zealand lavender fields and alpine Lake Pukaki.

December Portraits

This afternoon I tried out some portrait photography with my friend Woody. We decided to make the most of a fine afternoon - those have been pretty rare in the last few weeks. Thanks Wellington "summer". Credit to Woody for the fun levitating shot of me. ©2020, The Alpine Wanderer. All Rights Reserved.

Just another Wellington day…

©2020, The Alpine Wanderer. All Rights Reserved.

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