Pic Du Midi

UPDATE: I’ve finally found some of the photos I thought were deleted. Enjoy!

My second big adventure in the French Pyrennées was the Pic du Midi, an astronomy and weather station perched on the summit of a 2,877m mountain. To get there, we drove over the Col de Tourmalet, a famous section of the Tour de France. Then, we hopped on two cable cars, rising by over 1000 metres. At the summit, we enjoyed panoramic views of the Pyrennées range, including the Cirque de Gavarnie. Unfortunately, clouds blocked the view north over the plains to Toulouse.

I somehow also managed to delete a majority of my photos from this journey, luckily I had taken some from a smartphone (which explains why I’ve turned up in some photos in this post!) So instead, I’ve included a cow. Also, below is a Wikimedia photo of the Eastern end of the station.


Image above by Pascalou petit. Source: Wikimedia

NEW: I finally found the

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