These past two weeks have been crazy! Last Sunday I submitted my research project, thus completing my University “career”. On Monday, I farewelled my colleagues at my old job and on Tuesday, I packed all my belongings into my car and made my way up the East coast, across the Cook Strait and into Wellington, my new home. I was very lucky, as I set off early in the morning despite an ex-tropical cyclone forecast to bear down on the cook strait just as I would be taking the ferry. As I drove through torrential rain, highway wardens let me through before promptly closing SH1 behind me. In fact, the storm bore southwards, sparing Picton and Wellington and instead directly hitting Christchurch. Had I decided not to risk it, I would have likely been held back a few days. My thoughts go out to those most affected by flooding and storm damage, especially on the West Coast.

So from now on, you can expect Wellington-based content. This award-winning city has already begun to go beyond my expectations: there is so much happening all the time, with endless surprises hidden away in nooks and crannies between the city building  or among the surrounding hills. Wellington is covered in green spaces and has a wealth of walking tracks. The ocean is in every direction. Relatively close are the Kapiti coast, Rimutaka Forest, Lake Wairarapa and so much more. I look forward to exploring it all. In the meantime, here are some photos from the opening event to the New Zealand Festival. See you all soon!

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