Cathedral of St Cecilia, Albi

The beautiful Cathedral of St Cecilia in Albi, an hour north of Toulouse, is a Unesco World heritage site. From outside, the imposing brick building is fashioned like a fortified tower, with steep ramparts and parapets, the narrow stained glass being the only hint at the beauty within. Walking through the ornate side door is breathtaking, as you discover the unbelievably beautiful decorations (this is the only cathedral in Europe that remains completely painted from floor to ceiling). perched above a terrifying fresco depicting the day of judgement, the “grand orgue” towers over the congregation.

Another attraction of Albi is the Museum Toulouse-Lautrec. Although I was unimpressed by the artwork, the museum itself includes a tour of the “palais de la Brebis”, with beautiful gardens and views over the river Tarn.

Photos ©2016, The Alpine Wanderer, All Rights Reserved.


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