Hearts Aflame 2017

A review and reflection on my first participation in Hearts Aflame, a ten-day Catholic young adult retreat in New Zealand.

Poetry Review: Be-Attitude – A Collection of Bilingual Poems

A review of "Be-Attitude - A Collection of Bilingual Poems" by Wilfrid Chaker. Now available on Amazon Kindle Store.

A Prayerful Weekend in Lourdes

Photos from a weekend visit of Lourdes.

Journey to the Father 2016

Reflections on CYT's Journey to the Father 2016.

Science and Christianity Seminar

On Wednesday Evening, a seminar was held at the University of Canterbury on the topic of Science and Religion. This event was hosted by several christian clubs on campus and featured Dr Andrew Sach who explored the questions "does science disprove christianity". Here I hope to give a brief overview of Dr Sach's talk and... Continue Reading →

Activ8 Pro-Life Internship

Last week I was very fortunate to attend Focus on the Family NZ's Activ8 Pro-life internship. This was a week-long program held near Auckland and featured in-depth formation around various topics related to the respect for life and the dignity of every human person. This was an extraordinary experience, with far too much to cover... Continue Reading →

Lent 2016

It's that time of the year again! the great time of sighs and shed tears. That is of course a joke... Unfortunately this is often exactly theĀ attitude we bring to this very important season of fasting, prayer and reconciliation. In fact, when I think of prayer, fasting and reconciliation, the first impressions that come to... Continue Reading →

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