Just another Wellington day…

©2020, The Alpine Wanderer. All Rights Reserved.

A Happy Engagement!

Last weekend I had the honour of taking photos for my good friends (who have asked not to be tagged), to celebrate their engagement. I'm grateful to both of them for asking me to capture this special occasion (and agreeing that I post some of the photos here)! © 2020, John-David Chaker. All rights reserved.

Wrights Hill Fortress

Exploring Wrights Hill Fortress on an open day.

One Year at the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment

Reflections on one year spent at the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.

Castlepoint, Wairarapa

Photos from a stunning day at Castlepoint beach and lighthouse.

Polhill Reserve to Wellington Wind Turbine

A hike through Polhill Reserve and up to the Wellington Wind Turbine


A recap of an eventful week and my arrival in my new home.

October in Canterbury.

Photos ©2017, The Alpine Wanderer. All Rights Reserved.

Summer Haze

A collection of photos from atop the Port Hills, Canterbury.

Truth, Ideology and the Economics of Information.

What is the relationship between truth, ideology and every-day decisions in an imperfect world? Here is a reflection on an argument by Douglass North.

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