How good it is to wash a brother’s feet,

to follow in the steps of Christ our lord.

In joyful service thus his bid repeat:

to turn from pride and stride to His reward.

Oh in this simple act is freedom found,

renouncing the pretence our world dictates.

In such a humble gift, real love abounds,

His love which scattered, shattered Satan’s gates.

How great it is to wash a brother’s feet

to imitate Christ’s pleasing, just command.

In such a simple act, our brother meet

and so refreshed, progress now hand in hand.

Oh scorn my soul, your vain and foolish pride,

your callous, jealous, senseless cruelty.

Turn to your brother, see the face of Christ,

then stirred with love, serve with felicity.

How good it is to wash a brother’s feet,

to learn to love just as our Lord did Love,

thus laying down foundations for His kingdom

and raising up our praises to God above.

Copyright, all rights reserved. Happy Easter!